Crude Oil & Refined Products

Enjoy our handmade work with love for every detail.

Right When You Need It

Trading is the channel through which we receive and share key market information that ultimately fosters the rewarding relationship we have with our clients in Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Middle East and Africa.

Brokerage Trading

BB4 has long term collaboration with refineries and traders in the Arabian Gulf countries, Russia and Africa.
Our worldwide team of professionals covers the market and continuously provides clients with global intelligence on the transportation of crude oil and petroleum products. Our brokers can arrange spot and term charters as well as develop contracts of affreightment according to clients’ specific requirements.

An Organization thought to Help

Our motivated teams of oil and gas experts combine global experience, proprietary approaches and insights to help clients respond to changes in the market and unlock significant value.

Our Steps


All along the energy supply chain, we are working together with our customers to resolve issues and ensure the continuing stable supply of energy.

BB4 provides its measurement and control products, solutions, and maintenance services in all kinds of areas across the supply chain, including oil refineries (both onsite and offsite facilities), oil tanks, and oil storage depots. We look forward to making further contributions to improve the dependability of the energy supply and to help customers with global development and problem resolution.

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