BB4! Our Global Presence

As commodities markets continue to become more globalised and move towards new and higher levels of specialization, the race to match demand through efficient supply is speeding up.
BB4 is looking for synergies across the supply chain as a way of maximising revenues and reducing risk.

BB4 International Commercial Broker UK LTD

128 City Road,
London, EC1V 2NX – UK

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BB4 International Commercial Broker RU LLC

Novinki Street, 3
115470, Moscow City – Russian Federation

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24/7 access to commodities
markets and exchanges.

Setting up multiple trading companies network in
various time zones across the globe, is allowing BB4
to boost its productivity with non-stop trading 24 hours a day.

Our Network
in West Africa

We decide to be present in Ivory Coast in order to maximise the business opportunities inside the ECOWAS. We started our partnership with WEST BEST with the scope to improve all the local activities directly as well as expand our horizons.


Abidjan-Koumassi,Nord-Est, 10 Bp
Abidjan 10 – Ivory Coast

We Are Always Open For Collaboration
Which Leads To Growth And Expansion.

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