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BB4 UAE where our journey started

As the Middle East Company, we have developed and established our presence on the world map growing at a similar speed to the economic growth in the region. Important points to note while trading in commodity:

Factor & Strategy

Commodity prices area affected by many reasons and it is important to understand these factors and the strategies that must be employed before trading in commodities.

Demand Supply Chain

One should have a clear idea about the demand-supply chain to trade in commodities.

Risk & Leverage

While one gets higher leverage, risk associated with commodity trading is also higher.

Fresh Start

If you are a beginner, take the support of research experts because a thorough knowledge and constant monitoring of the market is necessary.

Why we started from UAE.

The UAE has the most liberal trade regime in the Gulf. The emirates state is wealthy and offers stable financial situations to all companies, leading to a huge inflow of foreign capital in this region. Thus making the economy even more strong.

Global Position

The UAE Business environment is ranked as one of the most favourable in the entire GCC region.

Strategic Location

UAE is very strategically located between three continents, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

We are a commodity trading firms based in UAE

but we are maximising the power of internet which enable us to work globally.
Thanks to our expertise we adapt our work mixing the ethic of the old ways in business with the nowadays flexibility requested by the Markets.
Our commitment to outstanding service and customer care is rivalled only by our professionalism and dedication to integrity and honesty.

We are hiring and selecting new partners.

In order to pursue our business strategy, recruiting and retaining top tier partners is vital to our success. Fill up the form and let’s work together!!

We welcome you to contact us for more
information about any of our services.

    BB4 International Commercial Broker FZE

    Our strength has been the heart-warming testimonials of loyal customers that has taken us from strength to strength.


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