Real Estate Investment

Over the years, carefully but always with intense passion, the target of BB4 International Commercial has been to better meet the expectations of our customers. Innovation and development are the forces that have allowed us to provide answers that have been both up to date and qualified for our demanding clients.

Our team consists of highly-skilled professionals in a process of continuous training and development, which allows them, in conjunction with a positive and proactive attitude, to earn the lasting confidence of leading investors and players in the global real estate market.

In the real estate investment sphere, BB4’s Corporate Investment division helps our clients throughout the process of search, selection and execution of investment into the very best real estate opportunities worldwide, be it as a client’s Broker, Agent or even as Principal.
To this end we count on a highly professional and qualified team which is ready to give full-service assistance throughout the real estate investment transaction chain. Through a rigorous, careful, and deep process we are able to offer the real estate investor the most profitable of solutions adapted to their own specific necessities and circumstances, and we support them every step of the way.

 We are at our clients’ side in the stages of:

Market and sector analysis
Technical, commercial and legal proposals
Income calculations
Negotiation management
Transaction Execution
Real Estate Management



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