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International Freight Consultancy

The freight and logistics industry is changing. Today’s trends of increased consolidation, privatisation and regulation activity, growing demand for international shipping and desire for turnkey services or “end-to-end” capabilities are driving how players can grow in the future.

Value Proposition

Always with you

Unique selling propositions concern what is important to customers. It is not about what the provider does. Potential and present customers must see the logistics firm as a solution provider, not just as a task-oriented service. This difference will separate you from the competition. BB4 Management can help identify and create a successful proposition.

Logistics Outsourcing

Ready for a New Plan

Too many outsourcing efforts fail. The reasons are many and are caused either or both parties. Successful outsourcing begins with RFP preparation and runs through governance. BB4 can work with you on any and all steps in outsourcing.


    Supply Chain

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